Candace Owens Threatens to Sue Cardi B in Heated Twitter Back and Forth


Cardi B on Twitter after criticizing the “Up” rapper’s Grammy performance of “WAP” with Megan Thee Stallion on Sunday (March 14). After sarcastically thanking Candace for slamming the performance on Tucker Carlson’s FOX News show,  calling it “an attack on American values,” Cardi said that it’s ultimately up to parents to monitor what their kids watch.

Candace kept the back and forth going by telling Cardi, “I don’t work for Fox News, Belcalis, nor do I take issue with you having success. I take issue with you being used to encourage young women to strip themselves of dignity. Men typically treat women how they treat themselves.”

Cardi then responded, stating, “No! Candy, men treat women on how a woman allows a man to treat them.I mean look at Melania she was a porn star however she didn’t [allow] Trump to treat her as so or shame her for her passed and made her into a First Lady & the mother of his child.”

From there, the two went head-to-head on race and gender politics to each other’s spouses. When Cardi reposted an alleged tweet where Owens claimed that her husband cheated on her with her brother, Candace claimed that the tweet was photoshopped. Cardi then shared screenshots of blogs that covered the story, which is when Candace threatened to sue Cardi for slandering her family members.

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