Joseline Hernandez Sued For $25 Million Over Zeus Show Reunion Fight


The “Joseline’s Cabaret” reunion special altercation is heating up as the reality star faces a hefty lawsuit from several of the show’s stars.

That reunion taping scuffle has escalated into a legal showdown and Joseline Hernandez is in the middle of a scandal. We’ve reported on the recent fight that occurred as the cast of Joseline’s Cabaret joined together to revisit those controversial moments in the series. Things got heated on set and according to star Amber Ali, she was physically attacked by Hernandez and Ballistic Beats, Joseline’s fiancé. Immediately after Ali took to social media with her accusations, Joseline seemingly confirmed that the incident occurred because she fired off posts on various platforms about taking someone down.As Joseline seemed unbothered with the reports about the altercation, it was suspected that Amber and other women from the show would seek legal counsel. According to TMZ, that’s exactly what they did and they’re looking to be paid for the alleged suffering they endured.

The outlet suggests that the dancers have accused Hernandez of “ambushing” them, including in court documents that they arrived in high heels while Joseline “was waiting for them with hard-bottom boots.”

“One woman claims Joseline violently kicked her in the ribs, while another claims Joseline dragged her by her hair and kicked her in the back … while the third dancer alleges Joseline grabbed her by the neck and shoved her to the ground.”

Hernandez’s social media posts were also included in the lawsuit where the accusers claimed he showed signs of admitting to a “planned attack.” The ladies are seeking $25 million in damages. Meanwhile, the Zeus Network is moving forward with airing the anticipated reunion special and upon news of the lawsuit, they shared the trailer. Check it out below.     View this post on Instagram           

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