Antonio Brown Facing Potential Jail Time Unless He Pays $15K In Child Support


According to TMZ, Brown could be going through some significant turmoil sometime soon. Police in Miami have been given an order to arrest AB. This is due to the fact that he missed another child support payment, this time worth $15,000. As it turns out, something similar happened to AB back in April. He owed $30K and the police were going to arrest him. In the end, however, he paid the money, and the arrest was called off.

This child support payment is owed to Wiltrice Jackson. Brown and Jackson had a child together when Brown was first starting out in the NFL with the Pittsburgh Steelers. It has been a turbulent relationship, and the missed child support payments have proven to be a footnote in their story. Whether or not Brown will make this required payment before being arrested, remains to be seen.

Photo Creator: Elsa | Credit: Getty Images

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