Boosie Badazz Signs Up For Anger Management Courses


Boosie Badazz recently took to social media to reveal that he’s signed himself up for anger management classes. The 40-year-old shared the news on Instagram, writing, “TODAY I WENT N CHECKED MYSELF INTO ANGER MANAGEMENT CLASSES‼️ I DIDNT WANT TO GO TO A CLASS WITH OTHER PEOPLE ‼️I GUESS CAUSE MY PRIDE N THATS ANOTHER THING HE SAY I NEED TO WORK ON LOL BUT MY EXPECTATIONS GOT ME MESSED [Up Emoji] GREAT SESSION.” He also shared a clip discussing how the first session went. The rapper describes exploring what the root cause of his anger is. He reveals that he’s learned it lies in his expectations. “I expect so much out people bruh,” Boosie says. “Who never showed me loyalty, who never showed me none of that bro. So I gotta take accountability for that.“     View this post on Instagram           

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