Boosie shares some insights on Tory’s situation.


In the eyes of Boosie, Tory actually got off very easily. Boosie harkened back to his own experience here, saying that in his home state, the punishment would have been a whole lot more severe. “I think he came out good, bro,” Boosie said. “I don’t know how California work. I think he’ll only do five [years] — that’s state time. Shit… in Louisiana, that n**** woulda did 40, n****. A crime on a woman? Highly televised? 40, n****. No cap.”

Boosie reacts to Tory Lanez’s 10-year sentence

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Additionally, Boosie went on to say that Tory probably won’t serve much time anyway. Instead, he will serve about a third of his sentence and come out stronger than ever. “I think state time, you only do nothing but half,” Boosie stated. “Five years. He’ll do three years, a lil’ paper, he be back out, stronger than ever … You can’t take his talent away, bro. He’ll be back.” Overall, it remains to be seen how much time Tory will actually have to serve. It seems as though 8.5 years is the number floating around. Although, this could certainly change. 

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