City Council expected to approve Plaza Midwood social district, would be first in Charlotte


After months of planning, many changes and lengthy applications, the last hurdle to creating Charlotte’s first social district will likely clear Monday night.

City Council is expected to vote to approve Plaza Midwood’s application, which would make it Charlotte’s first social district, allowing patrons to walk from bar to bar with an alcoholic drink.

If approved, the social district will stretch along Central Avenue from Louise Avenue and 10th Street to Morningside Drive, with different parts branching off into the main commercial area and side streets.

To be sustainable, the district will have reusable stainless-steel cups. The Plaza Midwood Merchants Association is hopeful the reusable cups will cut down on trash and be a model for the entire state.

As the Merchants Association waits for the final vote, it is holding off on ordering cups.

“We need to do things well, we need there not to be an increase in trash,” Phillip Gusman, a Plaza Midwood Merchants Association board member, said. “We need there not to be an increase in drunk driving, we need there not to be other problems.”

Some residents in the area believe the creation of a social district is good for the neighborhood.

“I think it’s wonderful, I think it’s absolutely needed,” resident Carol Tyndall said. “I think it’s been a long time in the making and I’m very excited for that.”

If the vote is approved Monday, the social district will be rolled out at the end of the year.

The social district would be in effect from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., seven days per week.

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