Judge Denies YNW Melly’s Motion For Mistrial


By Caroline Fisher

YNW Melly is currently on trial, accused of killing two of his friends, YNW Juvy and YNW SakChaser. The murders took place in 2018, and Melly has been in jail since 2019 for his alleged crimes. His trial continued today, and this morning his defense moved for a mistrial. According to Bryson “Boom” Paul, the team claimed that Melly’s character is being called into question amid the public legal battle. “We ask that the court put a stop to this,” David A. Howard told the judge. Judge John Murphy reportedly denied the defense’s motion.

The ongoing trial has been fairly controversial. Melly’s defense claims that the two men were killed in a drive-by shooting, which experts have called unlikely. According to a testimony by detective Sgt. Christopher Williams last month, the alleged victims’ gunshot wounds point to shots being fired from within the vehicle. If Melly is found guilty of the alleged murders, he will be facing the death penalty.

#YNWMellyTrial: @YNWMelly’s David A.Howard told Judge Murphy III he believes Melly’s character and image have been assassinated and tainted by the state. “We ask that the court put a stop to this.”

Judge Murphy III: “Motion denied.”#ynwmelly #melly

— Bryson “Boom” Paul (@brysonboompaul) July 12, 2023

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