Keefe D Likely To Face Murder Trial For 2Pac’s Death


According to sources who spoke with The Daily Mirror, prosecutors are ready to present the case to bring Duane “Keefe D” Davis to a Las Vegas grand jury. Keefe D has long claimed that he is a material witness to the murder of 2Pac. Furthermore, he has gone as far as to say that he handed the gun to his nephew Orlando Anderson before Anderson reportedly killed 2Pac in September 1996. “We expect this matter to become a criminal case imminently. Keefe has gloated so much about this that he has effectively talked himself into huge legal trouble,” detectives on the case reportedly told the British newspaper. This comes after a grand jury was convened last month. Meanwhile, law enforcement in Las Vegas executed several raids on properties connected to Keefe D. The primary raid was on the home of Keefe D’s ex-wife, where bullets were among the evidence taken into custody. However, last week it was revealed that the bullets recovered did not match samples recovered from the 1996 crime scene.

The case is currently in the hands of a grand jury. A grand jury is a precursor to a jury trial. Prosecutors present a version of their case to the grand jury before it ever sees a courtroom. This is in order to establish whether a crime warranting a trial was committed. The grand jury then considers the evidence and rules on whether the case should go to trial. If you ever hear that charges were dropped due to a “lack of sufficient evidence”, it’s like that prosecutors failed to convince a grand jury that a trial was warranted based on the evidence they had.

In the case of Keefe D, it is likely that the primary evidence is the testimony of Keefe D himself. Almost since the day of 2Pac’s death, Keefe D has told anyone who will listen that he knows who killed 2Pac. Additionally, he has repeatedly claimed that he himself was involved in the murder. This culminated with Keefe D being the star testimonial in the A&E documentary, Who Killed Tupac Shakur? As mentioned in the Mirror report, prosecutors believe that Keefe D has essentially talked himself into a criminal trial. However, it remains to be seen what the grand jury thinks of the evidence. It’s believed that the grand jury will make a decision before the end of September.

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