Moneybagg Yo Tour Dates Cancled After Low Ticket Sales


Emails were sent out confirming the Moneybagg Yo tour dates had been canceled, even as late as the week of the show. It’s unclear how many of his shows ended up canceled though fans on Twitter point out that Orlando and Philly dates in particular have had the plug pulled. He announced his tour back in June. The 23 performances were intended to start in August and run until September. Artists like Sexyy Red and Finesse2Tymes were billed as opening acts. It’s unclear how many, if any, of the shows will still happen.

Some fans blamed Moneybagg Yo Directly, claiming he overestimated his fanbase. “because these street rappers got no substance in they music. nobody tryn see them walk back and forth in stage for an hour,” reads one of the top comments on an Instagram post. Others blame concerts being so expensive in general for the low sales. “Maybe if concert tickets weren’t so fkn expensive nowadays this wouldn’t be happening,” says one fan. “I keep telling y’all we in a recession… it ain’t the time for concerts if you ain’t Beyoncé lol,” says another.      View this post on Instagram           

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