Nicki Minaj Opens Up About Percocet Addiction


During her interview with Vouge the publication, Nicki opened up about addiction issues. As she explains, she got hooked on Percocet after being prescribed the drug by a doctor. “No one told me that this was a narcotic and this was addictive. Luckily I was able to ground myself. But — once an addict, always an addict,” Nicki said. “I feel like if you’ve ever experienced addiction to anything, which I have, you always have to think twice and three times about the choices that you make.” Nicki has been able to kick the habit, however, she knows how bad it could have gone. She even compared herself to past legends in the process. “Look at some of our biggest celebrities. They eventually either get laughed out of wanting to go outside anymore, like Michael Jackson, or criticized, like Whitney Houston, or they fight silent battles, like Prince,” Nicki explained. “These are some of the greatest of all time. And one day they decided, ‘You know what? I’d rather self-medicate and be in my own world.’”

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