Over 150 workers laid off from Tyson Foods facility


Tyson Foods has laid off around 173 jobs in Wilkes County, according to reports from WXLV.

Assistant Director of External Affairs, Fred Henry with GuilfordWorks, says some of those affected live in Guilford County.

“About eighty to a hundred that were connected to Guilford County, and there was also a large population that were connected to Forsyth County,” said Henry.

WXLV reports that the layoffs occurred around a month ago, and some received severance pay, but that could soon run out.

“We’re expecting to see individuals that are coming to our service center anytime,” said Henry.

Henry told WXLV that many of the employees do not speak English.

“There are about 14 different languages that they speak, so we have translator services on hand also,” Henry said.

GuilfordWorks told WXLV that they will connect those workers with English training and job programs.

“We provide them with labor market information as far as in-demand careers within this region, whether it’s in healthcare, transportation, logistics, manufacturing, aviation,” Henry said.

A Tyson Foods spokesperson told WXLV that they had to lay off these afternoon second shift positions because of consumer demand, but those laid off can apply for other positions in the facility or other facilities owned by Tyson Foods.

Some employees have already been rehired by Tyson as first-shift workers. Henry said those who come to GuilfordWorks can also get scholarships and sponsorships for schools and training programs.

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