Stephen A. Smith Questions The Dating Habits Of Professional Athletes


By Tyler Reed

Unless you’ve been completely off the grid in the last month, you know the Zion Williamson situation. The NBA star has been the main topic of discussion on social media, thanks to his dating life. Adult film star Moriah Mills has been putting the New Orleans star on blast through her Twitter account. Teasing a release of a sex tape made by the pair. These unhinged Tweets apparently began after Williamson seemed to part ways with Mills.

The situation with Williamson and Mills isn’t the first trending story involving an athlete’s love life. Dennis Rodman was on the front page of every paper in the ’90s, discussing his personal life. However, now it seems that social media keeps everyone in the know about what an athlete does with his personal life. On Monday, Stephen A. Smith discussed the dating habits of professional athletes on his podcast.

Why do professional athletes continue to date women who are from a certain type of profession?

There are theories out there

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) June 26, 2023

Smith claims that men are cut from the same cloth. Meaning that most men approach their dating lifestyle from a visual aspect more than any other. However, Smith also added the opinions of athletes when bringing up the matter. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas recently appeared on ‘The Pat Bev Pod‘ to talk about the situation with Williamson. Arenas pointed out that part of the issue is an NBA player’s lifestyle. The former Washington star explained that most of an NBA player’s free time is when a lot of women are at work.

What are your thoughts on the conversation? 

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