Travis Scott is now the 6th most streamed artist on Spotify


UTOPIA is already on its way to being one of the biggest albums of the year. It had by far the biggest first-week sales of any rap album in 2023 pushing nearly 500k units on the way to securing the number one spot. After pushing another 100k units in its second week it remained at the top spot and could challenge for a third straight week at number one. Meanwhile, Scott has also been zeroing in on a major Spotify listener milestone that he hit for the first time overnight.

Not only did Travis Scott jump up to number 6 in the world by monthly listeners but he also broke a record. Hit 74 million listeners is officially the highest mark any hip-hop artist has ever achieved on the platform. In the comments of a post sharing the landmark achievement fans speculate on who could break it next.

Where does Travis Scott rank amoungst your top artists?

Photo Creator: ANGELA WEISS | Credit: AFP via Getty Images

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