Beyoncé Fans Pissed “Renaissance” Tour Ticket Prices


Fans will undoubtedly have to pay an arm and a leg to witness Beyoncé in the flesh this year. On Wednesday, Bey formally announced the Renaissance World tour following months of speculation. The tour kicks off in Europe, but fans out in the UK were left astonished when they logged on to Ticketmaster in an attempt to get in on the pre-sale.

As fans tried to snag themselves tickets, they were immediately left in a queue with thousands of others once they went on sale. Of course, many were disappointed but produced some hilarious reactions online. As prices are undoubtedly high, a few fans reminded Beyoncé of her lyrics in “Break My Soul” encouraging people to quit their jobs. “Now, I just fell in love / And I just quit my job,” Beyoncé during the first verse. “I’m gonna find new drive / Damn, they work me so damn hard / Work by 9 / Then off past 5 / And they work my nerves / That’s why I cannot sleep at night.”

Beyoncé better price those tickets like someone who told people to quit their jobs last July 😭😭😭

— A – A Political Hater (@Deenike) February 1, 2023

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