DaBaby Confirms How Much He Charges For A Feature


The laws of supply and demand dictate that whenever there is a high demand for something, the price goes up. With DaBaby, this is certainly true as he recently took to Instagram to announce that if you want a verse from him, well, you better have $300,000 laying around.

This is a huge upgrade for the rapper who also noted that he used to only charge $5,000 for a verse. Over a year ago, DaBaby spoke to L.A. Leakers about how much he charges, but never actually gave a concrete number. “It’s six digits,” DaBaby said at the time. “God is great. It’s six of ’em. It’s six digits at least.”

While this is definitely a hefty pricetag, a DaBaby feature typically means your song is going to be a hit, so the return on investment is probably very high. Regardless, it’s obvious that DaBaby is getting paid, and you can’t help but be happy for him.

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