DaBaby’s 2020 Battery Lawsuit Against Kenneth Carey Takes Him Back To Court


Looks like DaBaby is about to find himself back in the courtroom.

In February 2020, Jonathan Kirk and his crew were sued by concert promoter Kenneth Carey for a multitude of reasons.

According to Carey, the two had made a deal that the rapper would host a Las Vegas party, alongside fellow artist Stunna 4 Vegas, for the flat rate of $20k. However, when the promoter met with the musician to pay his end of the agreed-upon deal, things quickly took a turn.

DaBaby and his gang had racked up $10k worth of damages to their rental car, which the rapper requested Carey to cover. He claimed that he shouldn’t have had to pay for it due to the already low rate he had agreed to host the party for. The promoter refused, as this wasn’t part of their contract. It was at this point the interaction became rather heated. The rapper, along with 4 or 5 of his lackeys, is said to have beat the alleged victim up, pulled his pants down, robbed him, and then poured apple juice on him. These claims are further backed up by the camera footage captured of the whole ordeal, even though the rapper’s face could not be explicitly seen in the video.


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