He’s still recovering from being shot seven times by a Kenosha police officer in August 2020, and now Jacob Blake wants his day in court. What happened that fateful day has been debated by law enforcement, the media, political pundits, and the public, but according to TMZ, court documents state that Blake refutes claims that he antagonized the situation. Officers were reportedly responding to a domestic dispute call when, according to the lawsuit by Blake, he tried “to walk away from the situation” before he was shot by officer Rusten Sheskey.

Blake contends that he didn’t threaten or make any sudden moves that should have resulted in his near-death experience that occurred right in front of his children. He was also concerned that of the shots fired by Sheskey, one could have gone through his vehicle and injured one of the kids as a bullet was found in his car door. The 29-year-old does admit that “he had a folding knife” in his possession, but Blake claims it wasn’t used in any way that would make the law enforcement officers at the scene believe that he meant them harm. He added that he even dropped the knife on the floor of his vehicle before gunfire rang out behind him.

Following Blake’s hospitalization, he was remanded to a wheelchair after being paralyzed during the ordeal. TMZ reports that Blake has undergone multiple surgeries and attends physical therapy to help with his recovery, but he is still in need of help with everyday tasks and is unable to obtain employment.

Sheskey is accused of exercising excessive force, but it was decided that none of the officers involved in the shooting would be prosecuted for their participation. The Kenosha protests erupted following Jacob Blake’s ordeal where then-17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two people as he reportedly protected businesses from rioting, even though at the time there were no riots.

It’s unclear the amount Blake is seeking in damages but TMZ states that he’s looking to have a trial by jury.


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