Kim Kardashian and Rodney Reed Finally Unite as ONE LEGAL FORCE!


Kim Kardashian is saving another life behind bars.


Her new case involves Rodney Reed, the alleged murder of Stacey Stites, a 19-year-old woman killed after being strangled and raped in during 1996 in Bastrop, Texas. This case has been iconic since the first day of trial.

As the story goes, Mrs. Stites was having an affair with Mr. Reed before her death. Although her fiancé at the time was found as a suspect in the murder of Ms. Stites, he still was not found guilty. However, shortly after releasing fiancé Jimmy Fennell as a suspect, the investigation led to her fling. According to the investigation, the DNA of Mr. Reed was found in the body of the victim. After the DNA was identified, Reed was convicted of murder and sentenced to the death penalty after insisting he was innocent. With little evidence and multiple witnesses coming forward to testify for Mr. Reed, the Texas courts have not budged on changing the sentence of Reed until NOW!

Since this unjust trial and convention, numerous celebrities have come forth in support of Mr. Reed, including artists like; Rihanna and Meek Mill. However, Kim Kardashian has set the tone for being the most supportive. In her continuance to exonerated victims wrongly convicted, Reed is her newest and latest concern since his execution is set for November 20th. Kim Kardashian and Mr. Reed legally team have been able to provide further evidence that they believe is crucial information for the innocence of Rodney Reed.

Reed’s brother Roderick Reed recently went to twitter to share his gratitude for celebrity Kim Kardashian. In his tweet, he states, “I want you to know you are a major God-send to my family – more than you may ever fully realize in this lifetime. You are a blessing to all the families you advocate for. We’re so glad you have publicly voiced that you also believe he is innocent.”

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