Lil Durk Performance Fee Just Went Up Post-“7220”


Lil Durk catches a “W for a trenches” with his performance rate.

The demand is high for Lil Durk right now. The Chicago rapper’s decade-plus run in the rap game has proven fruitful within the last year and a half. The Voice was a warm welcome for his ascent to stardom while everything he dropped afterward was further proof of the consistent quality he upholds with each of his releases.Between being hip-hop’s go-to feature and the sold-out tour dates, there’s no doubt that Durk is charging an arm and a leg to appear anywhere. He’s previously revealed his six-figure fee for features but apparently, he’s charging double that for a performance. The rapper shared a post on his Instagram Story where he revealed that it costs half a million to book him these days. “Just closed on a show that’s a w for the trenches,” he wrote along with a photo of himself backstage with his security.

Durk was recently on the Full Send podcast where he divulged the bag he’s getting for every guest verse. Though he admitted that the price varies depending on the relationship but he explained that $250K is the average price he charges.

The rapper is currently fresh off of the release of his latest album, 7220, which topped the Billboard 200. The album marked Durk’s first solo #1 debut on the chart but at this point, it certainly won’t be his last.     View this post on Instagram           

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