Oreo Cookie & Ritz Cracker Announce Limited Edition Collaboration


A unique new snack is about to drop.

Oreo Cookies and Ritz Crackers are releasing a treat to make your snacking decisions easier. The two brands combined sweet and salty, with a cracker-slash-cookie that contains one Oreo Cookie, and one Ritz Cracker, layered with Oreo Creme and peanut butter creme.

In a statement shared with Thrillist, Ritz senior brand manager Alexis Yap said, “Over the past few years, Ritz has been exploring innovative partnerships and experiences to spark excitement around our iconic, buttery cracker.” Yap continued “We couldn’t resist the opportunity to collaborate with our friends at Oreo on a snack that’s part salty cracker, part chocolate cookie, and entirely delicious. This is a collab our fans won’t want to miss!”

The limited-edition collaboration will be available on the Oreo website on May 26 at 12 PM Eastern. It will be a race to grab a box as there will only be 1,000 boxes released. Additionally, those consumers lucky enough to get a box will also only be paying for shipping and handling– a total of $3.95.

Upon Oreo’s announcement of the partnership snack, opinions were divided. Under their IG post, one user commented, “What is this abomination.” While another wrote, “Legendary combo we didn’t know we needed!”

We’ve seen inventive Oreo flavors in the past such as the maple syrup flavor and s’mores flavor. Are you excited to possibly get your hands on this collab? Let us know in the comments.

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