Tory Lanez’s Lawyer Confirms Rapper’s DNA Was Excluded In “Inconclusive” Gun DNA Test


‘Rolling Stone’ journalist Nancy Dillon has been providing live updates from the courthouse.

“Holley confirmed the swab on the gun came back ‘inconclusive’ with four contributors while the magazine swab ‘excluded’ Lanez,” she wrote, speaking on a DNA test that was run awhile ago, which DJ Akademiks shared a report about that later landed him in a pile of trouble.

“‘If he had seen this document, he presumably would have got it right,’ Holley said in court of the situation,” according to Dillon’s reporting. As Uproxx notes, Twitter users haven’t held back in expressing their confusion about the post.

“So basically his team tried to play technicality mind games with Twitter to win the court of public appeal battle,” one user explained their take. “‘See my DNA wasn’t on the gun now what!?!!’ Can’t fail a test if ya don’t take it.”

Another person offered a different possibility, writing, “The people in the quotes reading this backwards. They’re saying the gun swab had four contributors and Tory Lanez was not one of them or the ‘main one.’ These are swabs of the weapon, not swabs from the people if that makes sense. They already had Tory Lanez’s DNA to test against.”

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