Trespasser At DaBaby’s Home Screams In Pain During 911 Call


Audio of DaBaby’s call with police has surfaced online.

Yesterday, it was reported that a man found his way onto DaBaby’s compound in North Carolina before being shot in the leg.DaBaby‘s home in the area is guarded by large walls, so it was strange that someone would be able to get in uninvited. Either way, the man was subdued and eventually taken to the hospital where he is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Eventually, it was revealed that DaBaby was home during the home invasion and that it was actually him who pulled the trigger. Following the shooting, DaBaby immediately called 911 to tell them what went down. Once police arrived on the scene, DaBaby handed over all evidence to authorities who are now conducting an investigation. According to TMZ, the audio from the 911 call has been made available. As you can hear down below, DaBaby is talking to the dispatcher all while the trespasser writhes around in pain and screams in agony. The moaning can be heard all throughout the video, and it is clear DaBaby is annoyed by it as he says “Do you not hear this man, bro?” when the dispatcher asks about his condition.  No arrests have been made in this case as the investigation is still ongoing.

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