Will Smith Had His Grandma Watch A Jada Pinkett Smith Sex Scene Before Meeting The Actress


Will and Jada’s unconventional relationship continues to make headlines.

By now, the world is no stranger to the unconventional relationship of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith. It feels as though every other week the couple makes their way back into the news cycle, usually due to some sort of unusual comment or revelation about their marriage.

Most recently, the Gemini Man actor shared a memory from several years ago, involving his grandmother and his wife. Apparently, prior to Jada meeting his family for the first time, the 53-year-old had his grandma sit down and watch one of the starlet’s films, which he knew included a sex scene.     View this post on Instagram           

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“I was raised in a very religious household and my grandmother Gigi is all the way down with Jesus,” the Philadelphia native recalled during an appearance on The Graham Norton Show. “Gigi didn’t know who Jada was, so I put on a movie of hers and worked out that by the time Jada arrived my grandmother would be watching the love scene.”

Will was able to laugh at the awkward moment between his partner and Gigi, but Jada reportedly didn’t have the reaction he’d anticipated. “When she walked in, my grandmother was in the middle of the scene and she looked up and said to Jada, ‘When I was growing up people didn’t have to take their clothes off to make a movie.’”

“Jada took me aside and said, ‘Why would you do that?’ I said, ‘I promise you it’s funny, maybe not now, but one day this is going to provide us with years of joy.’ We have been together for 27 years and she literally hasn’t chuckled once!”

Elsewhere in the interview, Will admitted that he feels he’s “failed every woman” in his life. “I want to tell the truth. I want to let people have it. I’ve carried, most of life, the sense of failing every woman I interact with. I haven’t talked about that publicly,” he said.

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