Ye’s Lawyers Plan To Withdraw From “Donda 2” Lawsuit


According to AllHipHop, the lawyers representing the Yeezy founder in a lawsuit surrounding an unauthorized sample on Donda 2 have not been able to reach him. In response, they’ve requested to be withdrawn from the case. Ultra International Music Publishing filed a lawsuit against Ye after the artist used an unauthorized sample of Marshall Jefferson’s “Move Your Body” on the song “Flowers.” The Chicago rapper-producer is accused of sampling the record over 20 times on the song without receiving the necessary permission.

Though “Flowers” isn’t widely accessible for streaming, it was sold along with the STEM player that reportedly moved up to 11,000 units on its first day. Ye claimed that he brought in over $2M in the first 24 hours of the STEM Player’s release.

The lawsuit might turn out to be costly, especially since his attorneys claim he hasn’t responded to their calls. At this point, he might get hit with a default judgment.

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