Barbie Movie Makes Box Office History


Since the live-action Barbie movie was first announced, the inner child of adults all across the globe has been buzzing with excitement. Amy Schumer was first cast in the prestigious role. After she stepped down, it went to Australian starlet Margot Robbie, who was undoubtedly the perfect choice for the part. Of course, many other women also play the part of Barbie, including Issa Rae and Dua Lipa. As for the male lead, Canadian actor Ryan Gosling covered that flawlessly, even with the internet expressing concern that he was too old. Greta Gerwig was the mastermind in Barbie‘s director chair, following her work on projects like Little Women and Lady Bird. It was an ambitious project, but thanks to her efforts, the 40-year-old is now the first female filmmaker to join the billion-dollar box office club with their solo work. As TMZ notes, Jennifer Lee and Anna Boden are both already in the category (for Frozen and Captain Marvel respectively), but their co-director status makes Gerwig’s standalone effort marks a noteworthy accolade for her resume.

Photo Creator: Han Myung-Gu | Credit: WireImage

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