Bond denied for Young Thug


Bond was denied again Friday morning for rapper Young Thug and Yak Gotti in their attorneys’ latest attempt to free their clients, while individual juror questioning begins Monday in the massive, nationally watched RICO trial.

The bond hearing was held in Fulton County Superior Court for the popular rapper – real name, Jeffery Williams – and Yak Gotti, whose real name is Deamonte Kendrick. Attorney Brian Steel argued the conditions of Young Thug’s incarceration amount to a form of “torture,” citing poor nutrition that has resulted in kidney problems, and bright lights that are left on at night when the rapper is trying to sleep.

“He is more than bond eligible,” Steel said, adding the rapper’s recently released album, “Business is Business,” is the No. 1 rap record in the U.S. and No. 2 across all platforms.

“There is no risk of him violating bond,” Steel said. “He is an accomplished superstar in the music industry.”

Steel also said his client would wear an ankle monitor; would be guarded by the same officers who are overseeing his custody now; and, “other than us,” no one would enter his house.

Prosecutors cited “no less than 20 incidents involving various crimes, including drugs, that have been committed while people charged in this indictment have been confined.”

Prosecutors also said Williams poses a risk of flight and threaten witnesses and others involved in the trial.

Yak Gotti’s attorney, Douglas Weinstein, cited conditions at the Fulton County jail as one reason why Kendrick should be released. He also said Kendrick’s mother, who works nights, would house her son if he was freed on bond.

Prosecutors cited a case earlier this year in which Kendrick’s mother attempted to bring contraband into the courtroom, and pass onto her son.

Williams is on trial in Fulton County in a massive RICO case involving himself and eight other defendants. Prosecutors allege Williams and his co-defendants are members of the Young Slime Life (YSL) gang, while defense attorneys argue YSL is simply the name of a record label, Young Stoner Life.

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