DJ Akademiks Claims Gunna Wants Out Of YSL


DJ Akademiks claims to have inside information. “I think he’s cooked up an album. From what I heard, he has an album ready,” Akademiks said while on Livestream. “He has an album discussing a bunch of sh*t. He’s got an album, he’s got some sh*t to say. But there’s nobody down to stand with him.”

“So, it becomes one of those situations where, yeah, how good could you make a case if everybody’s leaving you on an island. So, I think Gunna is kinda in limbo, waiting to see what happens with Thug. I think he’s praying that Thug gets a favorable outcome. Or he’s probably praying that, you know, despite what might happen to Thug, that Thug has some type of grace for him.”

The rant was all speculative, as Gunna hasn’t spoken out much. He and his lawyer have repeatedly denied snitching allegations, and Gunna emerged on Instagram to give a shoutout to Thug. However, Akademiks shared what he’s heard down the grapevine, while Hip Hop awaits more from Gunna himself. “I think, if you ask me, these are just my thoughts. I think if Thugger gets 20 years or 15 years, I think Gunna will try to proposition this offer to them: ‘Yo, how ’bout if y’all give me that co-sign that I need to get the snitch thing off of me, to get that jacket off of me, I’ll give a bigger percentage of my earnings to Thugger.’”

DJ Akademiks claims Gunna has a NEW ALBUM done & ready to drop 👀💿

Akademiks also said Gunna plans on leaving the YSL label (potentially for Atlantic Records) before releasing new music 🐍‼️

— Bobbalam Media | Hip-Hop & Rap News (@Bobbalammedia) February 23, 2023

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