Doe Boy Defends Claiming That Future Is Better Than 2Pac: “That’s A Fact”


In a recent interview with No Jumper‘s Sharp, Doe Boy discussed claiming that Future is better than 2Pac. A now-deleted Tweet previously went viral, revealing his opinion on the matter. Now, he says he’s sticking to it. When the host brought up the Tweet, he said, “That’s a fact, though. I really believe this.” He went on to say, “a muthaf**ka can’t argue with me ’cause, at the end of the day, it’s my opinion.”

“You’ve got to understand I’m 29 years old,” he explains, “I love Tupac, but I don’t really know his music enough.” Doe Boy says he loves who the rapper is “as a person,” explaining, “I love his personality.” He goes on to say, however, that he feels as though 2Pac’s music has been “forced” onto his generation. He then claims to know that people are “about to crucify [him] in the comments,” but says that he doesn’t care.


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