Romeo & Master P Come Together To Settle Differences


After a messy back-and-forth, fans everywhere hoped that one of rap’s most important families would reconcile. Furthermore, Romeo and Master P delivered and put aside their differences as son and father in the holiday season. They previously called each other out on social media

Furthermore, both artists made Instagram posts to acknowledge the reconciliation. Moreover, Romeo wrote about the struggles of family, what kept him going, and the love he has for his father.

“In order to be used, you have to be willing to be misunderstood and humiliated sometimes,” he wrote. “No one ever thought little David could defeat the giant, and we all know the mistreatment of Jesus.

for their handling of daughter and sister Tytyana Miller. In the few weeks since that exchange, they seem to have made amends. “My point, I’m willing to fall on my sword for mines!” he continued. “It was never about parent vs child, or this false narrative or that, it was about doing whatever had to be done for the growth of my family. Today, December 31st, me and my father @masterp had very hard conversations; ironically outside in the rain, but in order for any generation to grow, that communication has to be had and reciprocated on both sides. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Moreover, he concluded “No matter the journey ahead, our family can truly begin to heal and I believe many others will use our story as an example to learn from. What a way to close the year! Vivre (live) l’amour (love) et pardonner (forgive).”     View this post on Instagram           

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