Tyler Perry Call’s Out Scrapped BET Network Sale


Tyler Perry offered some blunt views of the scrapped sale of BET Network offered by Paramount earlier this year. “I was disappointed about it for a number of reasons. The way it happened was disrespectful in a lot of ways. Don’t try to get me to pay for something that’s not worth anywhere near the value,” Perry said at a recent equality summit in Atlanta. Furthermore, he confirmed he would not be interested if Paramount tried to sell the network in the future. “No. God bless them. I’m still working with them. I wish them the best,” he replied.

Perry had been a major player for the network earlier this year. “I am very interested in taking as much of it as I can,” Perry said in April. Other interested parties included Byron Allen and Diddy. However, Paramount abruptly pulled the sale over the summer, leading to a wave of speculation as to whether the network was ever truly for sale. However, as Perry noted, he still fully intends to work with their parent network, Paramount, for the time being.     View this post on Instagram           

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