Anita Baker Thanks Chance The Rapper For Helping Acquire Her Masters


Anita Baker gave Chance The Rapper a shout out at a recent concert for helping her gain ownership of her masters.

More and more artists have gained control of their masters in recent times but it’s an uphill battle. For Anita Baker, it may have not happened without the help of Chance The Rapper. The legendary soul singer recently performed in Chicago where she took a moment to applaud Chance The Rapper, revealing that he helped her gain ownership of her master recordings. “You should say hello to a friend of mine by way of the music industry and by way of helping me, helping me to get a hold and ownership of my master recordings,” she said as she pointed to Chance. The Acid Rap artist stood up and shared his gratitude for the applause he received. Later on, he praised Baker on Twitter for her influence and showmanship. “I saw one of THE greatest performances of my LIFETIME last night! Thank you so much @IAMANITABAKER for being an inspiration and an icon to so many of US,” he tweeted.

The two continued to trade tweets after Anita wrote, “Had no idea you would be in our Midst. Such a nice Surprise. Brought Tears, to my eyes. Hope Ms. Essence enjoyed her Birthday. ABX.”

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