Black Lives Matter Organization Used Donations To Purchase A $6 Million Home In California


Three BLM leaders have the organization catching fire.

The Black Lives Matter Organization was created in 2013 in an effort to highlight the unfair treatment of black people across all the world. Almost a decade has passed since its launch and its impact has helped millions. Unfortunately, the esteemed social movement now sits at the forefront of a scandal.

Three leaders of the operation– Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Melina Abdullah– have been accused of using donations from supporters to purchase a $6 million home in southern California back in October of 2020.

In a now deleted video that marked the death of George Floyd, the three women sat at a table with the house in the background. As they discussed the fatality of Floyd, they failed to recognize where they were.

According to New York Magazine, retail listings state the 6,500 square foot home consists of six bedrooms, numerous fireplaces, a soundstage, a pool, a bungalow, and is capable of parking 20 vehicles.

The BLM official Instagram account uploaded a post to their four million followers that subtly addressed the issue. “Exclusive: Black Lives Matter Global Network Announces Fellowship And Creator House Centering Joy,” is stated on the first slide.

The post, uploaded two days ago, insinuated that the home will be used for black content creators to come and produce media for social networking sites. In the caption it read, “We are celebrating and uplifting Black creatives, dancers, filmmakers, culinary artists, musicians, storytellers, narrative artists and digital influencers.” An application is set to be released in the near future for black creators to get the opportunity of living in the home.

To make matters worse, this wouldn’t be the first time BLM has been accused of misusing funds. Co-founder Cullors, who seems to be a repeat offender, was questioned for her previous real estate purchases. However, she assured the media that she has never taken a salary from the foundation.

While neither of the women has issued a statement in their defense, social media users are furious at the accusations.

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