BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors Speaks Out Following Allegations About Misuse Of Funds


Patrisse Cullors left her position at BLM in May of 2021, and is sharing her side of the story.

BLM Founder Patrisse Cullors is speaking out after being hit with some unflattering allegations. Earlier today, we shared a report from New York Magazineaccusing the activist organization of using donation money to buy a six-million-dollar mansion.“Yesterday’s article in New York Magazine is a despicable abuse of a platform that’s intended to provide truthful information to the public,” her statement, shared on April 5th, began. “Journalism is supposed to mitigate harm and inform our communities. [The] fact that a reputable publication would allow a reporter, with a proven and very public bias against me and other Black leaders, to write a piece filled with misinformation, innuendo and incendiary opinions, is disheartening and unacceptable.”

She went on to clarify that “the property the reporter addressed was purchased in 2020 as a space where those within the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation and broader movement community could work, create content, host meetings and foster creativity.”

Seeing as Cullors left BLM in May of 2021, she shared that she cannot speak on how the property is being used at this time, but as of her resignation, it was serving its purpose as a creative space.

“The reason it wasn’t announced prior is not nefarious as the headline infers, the property needed repairs and renovation,” the activist continued. “I do not own the property, have never lived there and made that clear to the reporter.”

Cullors clarified that she will “always see [herself] as a part of the BLM community,” but she is no longer affiliated with the decision-making process of the foundation.

“I have never misappropriated funds, and it pains me that so many people have accepted that narrative without the presence of tangible truth or facts,” her explanation read before she went on to apologize to those in her community that “have to consistently engage with this kind of hateful and erroneous content.”

“I admittedly have not always responded and I know my silence has contributed to doubt,” Cullors’ wrote in her Notes app. “I apologize if it has caused you harm of any kind. But I’m asking you all to understand the enormous pressure and fear that comes with living under the constant threat of a white supremacist terror and real threats on my life and those of people I love.”     View this post on Instagram           

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