Fetty Wap Discusses His Daughter’s Death: “I Was In A Real Dark Place After That”


It has been five months since his daughter’s passing.

Fetty Wap‘s rough 2021 was cemented by losing his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell in the summerHe faced cruel backlash, and even broke down in public when discussing the tragedy.

When sharing an Instagram Live call this week with Fat Joe, he got into the specifics of the heartbreaking loss, as most of the details were withheld after her death was announced: “I lost my daughter June 24. I got that phone call at 12:36 pm. I’ll never forget this day in my life. I was down in Miami at this Cuban spot I go to, I ordered my favorite meal. At 12:36 I see my baby mother’s number pop up on my phone. At the time, we weren’t really getting along, so I’m thinking to myself, ‘Oh I’m about to see my baby. I’m about to get to see my daughter.’ And when I answered the phone, she looked at me, and when she looked at me I’m like ‘What’s up?’ She dropped her head, and I hung the phone up like, ‘Nah what’s up?’ Then she called me back and I saw the tears coming down and I said, ‘Get over here right now, come over here now.’ Then she showed me the police officer and he says, ‘I’m sorry.'”

Fetty Wap explained that he did not take the news well at all, as it came just weeks after his milestone of turning 30 years old. Even with the sorrow though, he still feels his daughter watching over him: “Nothing in my life could ever be that bad. That’s the worst thing that ever happened to me in my life. I say that to say my head’s always high. I was in a real dark place after that. It was two weeks after my 30th birthday. I turned 30 on June 7th, and my daughter died on June 24. I’m like ‘Why?’ You try to justify it was somebody else that did this. Still, to this day, I slip into a dark place, but I know she’s smiling with me, I know she’s watching down on me. I know she’s looking at me like, ‘Daddy it’s all gonna be okay, It’s all going to be good.'”

Fetty has been trying to move on in the meantime, releasing his comeback studio album The Butterfly Effect last month. Fetty Wap could use all the support he can get in this troubling time.

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