Kanye West Announces Plans To Launch Yeezy Stores In Every State


2 Chainz, Pusha T, and Fivio Foreign express interest in launching Yeezy stores in their hometowns.

Despite defining music and fashion in the past decade, it seems like Kanye’s partnerships with Adidas and GAP aren’t going as well as planned. Ye accused both adidas and GAP of stealing his designs for their own non-Yeezy products, which has led to an even bigger strain in his relationships with both companies. Last night, after posting a video of an impassioned speech with the GAP executives where he said that he’d leave if he wasn’t granted a position on the board, it appears he’s already begun plotting actual storefronts for the Yeezy brand, beginning in Atlanta.  “We are going to open a Yeezy stores world wide starting in Atlanta,” he wrote. “Who would be the best to open it? I’ll buy the land and/or building. Then we gonna open up in every state and then internationally. Anyone who has over 10 years retail experience and is ready to change the world post your Instagram handle or store location in the comments and we’ll find you,” he continued. He continued to rail against GAP and Adidas, who he said contractually agreed to build permanent stores for Yeezy brand products. “I saved both of those companies at the same time,” he said before concluding, “I’ma show you how to use social media.”

The second slide included a screenshot of a Facetime call with 2 Chainz, who is wearing Yeezy Gap sunglasses. “2 Chainz said he got the mayor(‘s) number I added the s cause my mama was head of the English department But this may take some incorrect English to get done,” he wrote.

Ye immediately received offers from a slew of his peers and friends in the entertainment and fashion world. Justin LaBoy revealed that Lawrence Berger of Mitchell & Ness was interested in taking up a meeting with Ye. Pusha T and Fivio Foreign also chimed in with interest in launching Yeezy stores in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New York City.

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