Kanye West Targets Kwanzaa, Kris Jenner, Says He “[Deals] With Addiction”


Ye is back and he’s as unfiltered as ever. “Pornography destroyed my family.”

It seems that we’ve entered a Kanye West ranting season as the mogul has been airing out grievances online. After taking a brief hiatus from Instagram, West has returned with a vengeance as he has called out the Gap for allegedly copying his Yeezy design. It doesn’t look like his only issues these days are with fashion, because he had a few choice words for Sierra Canyon High School.

As West continues to map out his plans for Donda Academy, he questioned why students were being taught Kwanzaa, a celebration in Black culture from December 26 to January 1. Each day has its own meaning and participants are encouraged to create or make gifts to share with loved ones instead of purchasing them. The commemorative holiday was created by activist Maulana Karenga who took from African traditions and belief systems.

“They teach black kids Kwanzaa at Sierra Canyon,” a post shared by West read. “What the f*ck is Kwanzaa and who made that bullsh*t up Everyone lives in LA for the check anyway so no one really cares about their children being indoctrinated.”

Another post added, “My kids going to Donda They not going to Sierra Canyon Charlemagne the God and Kris Get your motherf*cking popcorn.” It seems that he’s suggesting he’s going to create a stir that will cause Kris Jenner and The Breakfast Club host to tune in.

West also stated, “Don’t let Kris make you do playboy like she made Kyle and Kim do Hollywood is a giant brothel Pornography destroyed my family I deal with the addiction instagram promotes it Not gonna let it happen to Northy and Chicago.”     View this post on Instagram           

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