Takeoff Died Without A Will, Parents Fighting Over Estate: Report


It’s now being reported that he died without a will. His estimated net worth of $26 million currently has no heirs and is causing trouble among his parents.

Battle For Takeoff Estate

The Atlanta native’s mother, Titania Davenport-Treet, and his father, Kenneth M Ball are fighting over who will distribute their son’s assets. 

According to Georgia law, without a will, his closest relatives have exclusive rights over both his money and assets. Included in these assets is his extensive music catalog, as well as residual income from the “Casper” rapper’s record sales.

Davenport-Treet and Ball each believe that they should have the right to control their son’s estate and distribute these assets how they wish.

His estranged parents reportedly don’t get along already, so this is causing even more issues within the family.

Take rapped about being raised by a single mother on a few instances throughout his career as the most underrated member of the Migos. “And most of us got single parents, only a mother / N****s in the kitchen whipping chickens, tryna get butter,” he rapped on the 2015 Migos track, “Highway 85.” 

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